Wednesday, October 21, 1998

A potpourri of news today.

The first level of my VB class ended last night, with the next level to start next week, same time.

User Friendly is continuing apace, gathering more support and so forth. It’s even got a very lively mailing list.

I ran across recently — an online directory of tech-related jobs, searchable by part of the U.S., technology, experience, full- or part-time status; you name it. Very nice.

My work on the keyglove continues apace, though I have found out that soldering is not as easy as it looks. So far I’ve ruined one keyboard circuitboard by not having as steady a hand as I should. Well, this teaches a valuable lesson: Make sure you’ve practiced soldering before you try it on something valuable (or semi-valuable, as was this keyboard).

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