Wednesday, December 23, 1998

Hmmm. I had a rant ready to go this morning, and now I can’t remember it. Well, if it comes, I’ll post it here.

Saw Prince of Egypt Sunday. The artwork itself was gorgeous, the voices were excellent (though Patrick Stewart can’t help sounding like Patrick Stewart), the music was actually done right, and the Biblical story was kept faithfully, while adding a fresh vantage point on the whole thing (namely, the brotherly relationship between Moses and the Pharoah). If I ever make an animated film, I want this film to be my mold. I’m glad to see it was in the #2 spot over the weekend, earning $14.3 million according to (50% more than A Bug’s Life, which vigorously tried to compete with it).

Interestingly, there were about two kids (e.g. under thirteen years of age, roughly) in the entire audience (which was only fifty or sixty people; 9:15 showing). I’m assuming all the kids were in bed, but I did find it interesting that a lot of adults came out to see this film.

I hope everyone’s Christmas shopping is done by now, and that the holidays are going well. I still need to wrap some of my presents; was going to do it last night but was too tired.

I’m glad to report that Aberdeen, my favorite low-budget hardware supplier, finally replaced my broken speaker. Having stereo now is wonderful. :-)

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