Tuesday, April 20, 1999

I spent last night working on a chess script for one of my IRC bots. Seems to work nicely, except I haven’t had a chance to test game-ending much. Still, now I can play chess with friends over IRC. Hmmm, I just thought about making a script that would display the board graphically. Not too hard, really.

The deer fencing seems to be holding up well. The dogs are happy, at least. :-) I’m also amazed at how hard it is to see the stuff; it’s a tough black plastic netting, basically, which is held up by 4×4 posts and grey-green fiberglass rods (the latter blending into the forest background quite nicely). You can check out their website: Deerbusters. As you can see, it’s not cheap. But for us, it actually lets us keep a sane garden; the deer eat absolutely everything.

Oh, and I’m not backing up the March entries, as there’s little enough on this page as it is. *blush*

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