Friday, May 14, 1999

Well, my friend Eric is coming down for the weekend this Saturday, so probably no updates for a few days. We hope to get work out better direction on Daemonsong and Papyrus, and decide what we’re going to do on a few other projects. I’ll have a complete report, don’t you worry. ;-)

The Sci-Fi Channel has been showing a hilarious bunch of…well, basically, they’re short-short-shorts, not really ads, about Episode I. If you can, it’s worth turning on the station for a little while to see if you can catch one. I seriously hope they’ll upload these things to their website.

And I’m pleased to see that the new X-Men movie seems to be casting up nicely. Ian McKellen has signed on as Magneto, an excellent choice IMO.

There’s a serious effort started to create a BeOS-based emulator for Windows, Unix, etc. operating systems. This would mean running WordPerfect for Windows on BeOS. Very cool. Check out FreeMWare.

Joke spotted on Usenet, talking about the war on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine compared to the U.S. Yugoslavian one:

>Does anyone reckon that Starfleet does a briefing every day saying how well
>the war's going?

Only when they accidentally destroy the Klingon Embassy on Cardassia. :)

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