Friday, May 28, 1999

Lots of interesting things on /. today: a number of German ISP admins have declared AOL a rogue, and are discussing banning it. A scientist has made a breakthrough in warp bubble theory, showing how it’s not only theoretically possible, but theoretically practical, in this paper. That stolen reel of Star Wars: Episode I has been returned.

And perhaps most amazing of all: CNN reports that a U.S. aviation company is testing a real life flying car. It lifts off like a Harrier jet (vertically), and has a top speed of, oh, around 600 mph. What blows me away is the price: it’s being handcrafted for only $1 million. The car’s inventor estimates that, with mass-production, it’d cost around $60,000. Heck, I’d buy one for that much. The only disadvantage seems to be the fact that you need a pilot’s license to drive/fly it (though on-board computers do most of the tough stuff; you just steer).

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