Saturday, May 1, 1999

May 01 1999

Just got in my state taxes…whew! Today was the deadline.

I’m feeling rather sick at the moment, so updates may be infrequent for awhile. Unless I get some more books read, which I’d *love* to do, but…Papyrus needs updating, I need to do some research for my VB class, and of course work takes chunks out of the days. I don’t think I’ll be going in to work today, as I usually do under our new schedule.

I hear that the actress who plays Lila on Earth: Final Conflict will be temporarily replaced (as she’s gotten pregnant). I hope this doesn’t spell more upsets for the show, which has been through enough as it is. Still, they have a history of being able to take cast changes well, particularly in the amazing “death” of the original star.

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