Tuesday, May 4, 1999

Episode I is coming. It is near. Soon, it will be upon us.

Does anyone else find it humorous why popular media (and others) reporting on the Episode I frenzy find it so hard to comprehend? They’re labelling all the rabid fans as…well, rabid fans. But why do people have a hard time understanding this? Movies are true experiences. The first three Star Wars movies were incredibly well-done movies (most people would agree). The prospect of another experience, this time using new technologies (and this time over two hours long), is a thing devoutly to be wish’d, to borrow Shakespeare.

I’m also curious as to why I’ve heard it called the “hugely over-hyped Episode I.” Has somebody been seeing more commercials than I have? I don’t recall a huge amount of hype. A lot of fan reaction and media attention, but not much hype.

Papyrus remains terribly behind. I hope to get the site updated tonight, and submissions caught up by the end of the week. I’ve already had a few additions to the announcement list, which is awfully flattering.

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