Wednesday, July 14, 1999

Yesterday’s update didn’t update;’s servers have been up and down lately. Their telnet server, in particular. I keep complaining, and it keeps coming down (hmmmm…maybe e-mails to automatically reboot the telnet server!).

You’re gonna love this: the UN has “recommended” that governments start taxing e-mail. The equivalent of one cent per hundred e-mails, basically. My thoughts? It would discourage spammers, but that’s about the only good thing. I wouldn’t mind paying one cent per hundred e-mails I send, but I would mind paying taxes of one cent per hundred e-mails I send. Because it’s only gonna get worse, and it’ll penalize companies for their standard e-mail traffic (I, a low peon at Litton/PRC, get at least a dozen e-mails every day). And you know how good the government is at putting money to good use….

And…hoo boy. A page explaining how to Build Your Own Lightsabre. And according to the author, it should only take a few hours and USD$30-$40. I am very tempted.

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