Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Sorry for not updating yesterday; I spent all day at work (11 hours), to make up for the photo shoot on Friday. So there’s really not much to report.

Except that Sir Ian McKellen has been cast as Gandalf, and Ian Holm (great English actor, and the main priest Vito Cornelius in The Fifth Element) as Bilbo, in the upcoming Lord of the Rings movie. Great choices, IMO.

I’m also just about ready to release my big misting, “Web Inversion.” “Mistings” are…err…humorous criticisms of really bad writing gathered from around the internet, from fanfics to spam to sword-and-sorcery fantasy tales. This has been a tough one for me; it’s a long existentialist philosophical treatise, and there’s just not a huge amount to make fun of. In any event, if you want to taste a misting or three, Web Site #9 is an archive of pretty much all of them (over 1,000).

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