Monday, September 13, 1999

It’s been a rather slow day. Not much happened yesterday, other than a bit of work in the paddock. I’ve been sketching out a few ideas for my BeOS newsreader.

And thus, I present to you the First Ever Brent P. Newhall News Photo Captioning…Thing. Enjoy.
(Indonesian President Habibie speaking about East Timor)
“I’ll have an iced double cappuccino, please.”
(Our President in a meeting about East Timor)
Should I have the tuna salad or the salami for lunch?
(Sara Jane Olsen, accused of blowing up police officers in 1975)
“I care this much.”
(Showing off a computer model of projected Hurricane Floyd damage)
Their $13 million computer BSOD’ed again.
(Models applauding Rebecca Taylor’s Spring 2000 collection)
Models applaud the new fashion of saran-wrap pants.
“Instead of flipping burgers, I can now make over 10,000 different kinds of coffee! It’s great!”
(Rare John Coltrane album cover, a mere $50 while supplies last)

What do you think?

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