Monday, September 20, 1999

Personal flying devices. I want one! Just wish they’d give an estimate as to the final cost (as much as they claim it’ll be ‘affordable,’ I have to wonder).

Two more pictures on You Must Be Kidding Me. Keep at it!

There’s a new poll on the sidebar. I briefly put up a poll about current movies, then switched it after hearing about Patrick Naughton being arrested. According last week’s poll, a little over half of you evacuate a couple of days before a disaster is supposed to strike, and the rest don’t evacuate at all.

Also, as a quick side note, I found that my counter script at the bottom of the page wasn’t working right, due to permission problems on the counter file. Me bad. Fixed now.

(Boy, a lot of updates today.) I’ve also re-organized the library, and added The Princess Bride (with a mini-review) to the list of books I’ve read.

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