Wednesday, September 1, 1999

Ahhh, a fresh new month and a fresh new diary file.

Looks like I’m not going to be a deacon after all, at least not soon. The church was going to hold a meeting to elect deacons (my name being one of the ones suggested), but several people voiced their concerns about how the church isn’t really following the constitution properly. The meeting’s been cancelled until that whole mess is hashed out.

But nothing can keep me down — thanks to my working 8 hours over the weekend, I’m taking tomorrow off work. I plan to spend the morning doing some light chores around the house that Mom hasn’t had a chance to do (she’s feeling better, BTW; not up to her regular routine after spending six weeks in bed, but at least she’s not feeling nauseous [sp?] anymore), then spend the afternoon at the movies. Iron Giant (very cool retro website, BTW) and The Phantom Menace are still playing at a local movie theater, so I’ll go to see them, and maybe see Mystery Men in the evening.

Work’s gone well today — we’ve fixed the major problems we’ve had with the resolution change and are moving forward, which is always a good thing. It’ll still take a few days to wrap it up, though.

Be has released BeOS Release 4.5.2, a mere month after their previous bug fix (well, it’s mainly a driver update). Impressive. There are rumors of a 4.6 release in the works, too, besides the release of R5 around the turn of the millenium.

I’ve moved all of my past diary entries to the archives.

I’ve been doing a fair amount of thinking about my text adventure world. I want to do a lot with it, and unfortunately I’m having trouble keeping it all in my mind. I’d love to find a good PalmPilot app that lets you create maps and such; I really should create a separate Memo category for world notes. PilotGear is so slow as to be unusable (literally; the server refuses to serve the entire page).

NOTE: All updates for August were somehow lost.

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