Wednesday, September 15, 1999

Huzzah! My newsreader (pretty much) works! Well, it can only view messages that are already on the system, but at least now the user can navigate through newsgroups, header lists, and messages. I’ll upload a screenshot next time I get a chance.

And my Mom’s going in for surgery today at 3:00. It’s a gall bladder removal, and it’s a standard operation, so she should have nothing to worry about. But she will (wouldn’t you?). :-) The good news is that, after this operation, she’ll be able to take care of herself again, eat normally, and in general get back to a normal life.

got into a mini-argument with my friend Eric last night, about the relative cost of animated films vs. live-action ones. I hold that animated films tend to be cheaper than the live-action films that Hollywood puts out (not that they are always cheaper, just that they tend to be), and he insists that it’s not the case. Finally I just dropped the conversation. I hate it when we argue like that. It’s not like it was a big deal. Ah well.

tried to do some sketching last night, to improve my meager skills. It was very depressing, mainly because I tried to do a fox furry head, and I have no idea how to draw that sort of thing. I really should concentrate on “normal” stuff until I can draw well enough to attempt more difficult stuff.

I’m enjoying reading Having Everything, a modern tale about a bunch of people who, through their own selfishness and outlook on life, sabotage themselves and others. There’s a lot of swearing, and some kinky bits, but it’s excellent writing and it contains tables’ worth of food for thought.

And there’s a new photo over on You Must Be Kidding Me. Start commenting, people!

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