Monday, November 8, 1999

No updates over the weekend, for no particularly good reason. I did come down with some nausea on Sunday, if that helps at all.

Saturday morning was spent helping my Dad move firewood. Our next-door neighbor had a few trees taken down, and had said that we could take whatever we’d like from the remains. I spent some time learning how to split wood, which I am unfortunately pretty good at.

Sunday I awoke nauseous, and decided not to go to either church or AWANA. Instead I stayed home and did some reading and a bit of cartooning. My cartoon bodies kinda suck, but I’m keeping with it for now. Come to think of it, I should upload an example of my work for you all to laugh at.

I did manage to catch an episode of Futurama. ‘Twas the one where evil aliens come to Earth and destroy things because they never got to see the end of the season finale of Ally McBeal (that site contains a big Shockwave animation; beware). Some great scenes, and a terrific shot-by-shot spoof of the attack on the Death Star in Star Wars.

That’s about it. I got some work done on Informant, which is shaping up nicely. No major breakthroughs yet, but it’s close to being functionally usable, which is a Good Thing.

Oh, and there’s a new photo up on You Must Be Kidding Me. Cows have so much comedic potential.

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