Sunday, November 14, 1999

Wow. Singing this morning at church was fantastic. I got a lot of compliments from people. I guess the Lord does bless things that way.

I started out with a song for which I had a cassette tape accompaniment. When the time came, I bounded up to the little stage, pressed “Play” on the tape deck, and prepared to sing. The music began to play…at about ten decibels. So, with a grin, I stopped singing, stopped the tape, turned up the volume, and hit “Play.” The music swelled, I began singing.

I was singing well, too — my voice melodiously telling the story of Christ’s birth, until the second verse, at which point I promptly forgot what to sing. *blush*

With an even bigger grin, I stopped the tape, rewound it to the beginning, and hit “Play” once more. With an off-handed comment that I’d have to try something else if this didn’t work out, I began again, and this time the song went swimmingly. Breathing a thank-you prayer, I left the stage.

After the announcements and the offertory, it was time for my second song. This one was even less complicated; an a capella version of I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day. The song came off surprisingly well, though; my bass voice did the song justice, and I think the congregation appreciated being able to concentrate on the words. Cool!

After church, Mom and I went to a store called Mrs. McGregor’s Garden in Alexandria. Mrs. McGregor’s is a wonderful little garden and Small Shiny Objects store, named after the gardener in Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit. Lots of neat stuff there, and in fact just enough stuff for a little project I’ve been wanting to try.

Awhile back, I saw an episode of a gardening show which explained how to make a small tabletop fountain. I described this in detail in a past diary update; basically it’s a terracotta pot, with a terracotta dish atop it, with a terracotta pot upside-down on top of that. The dish is tiled with small pieces of plain old tile (just as though one were tiling a floor, only with much smaller pieces), except that a fancy design can be created. A hole is drilled in the center of the dish and the top pot. The bottom pot is filled with water, and a pump placed inside it. The pump hose is then pushed through the hole in the dish, and through the hole in the top pot. Turn it on, and water splashes down the sides of the upside-down top pot, into the dish, and then runs under the top pot and down into the bottom pot.

In any event, while at Mrs. McGregor’s Garden, I bought the pots for that project. In fact, the cashier asked me what they were for, and was so impressed she started discussing it with the other cashiers working there. That gave me enough impetus to definitely want to get the fountain done. I’ll probably put it at work on a bookshelf.

AWANA was a lot of fun, too; it was a standard night of club, which is nice for a change. I also grabbed a Bronze Memory Packet (60 verses to memorize, in sets of 4), which hopefully I can start memorizing as the days go by.

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