Tuesday, November 30, 1999

If all goes well, my About.com site should go live tomorrow. I spent last night writing up extra articles for it, faxing my contract, and e-mailing them a photo of me. Cool, huh?

I also received my Iron Giant DVD from Amazon.com yesterday, and I finally got my parents to watch it. I’m glad to report they loved it (“Not that there was any doubt” — Saalon, when told of this). What a great film.

No real Informant work lately. I have been receiving some help on a few problems, though, so I should be able to implement them when I get a chance.

I finally won a Sun Type 4 keyboard and mouse on eBay. Hopefully I’ll be able to hook up those Sun workstations I bought and get at least one of ’em working. I’ll post my progress here.

I’m thinking of joining a Be User Group (a.k.a. “BUG”). The NOVA BUG is relatively close to me, so I might just pop in at one of their meetings.

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