Thursday, December 23, 1999

Sorry for not uploading yesterday; I had some problems with the web interface to this diary file, and was afraid it might blow away the diary by accident. I think I’ll be OK, though.

…In fact, it just happened. Yuck. I hit “save” and my diary was annihilated. Good thing I’d copied it to the clipboard beforehand. Now I’m editing via telnet, which is much more stable. *sigh* Time to look at my web interface code again.

My BeMachine is on the network now, thanks to a higher-end PCI card. I FTP’ed all (OK, most) of my mail, sounds, etc. from my old BeOS machine, so now I’m pretty much running fully. Cool.

I found an excellent job at The Motley Fool that I’m thinking of applying for. It’s right up my alley; a technical instructor of sorts. We’ll see what happens there.

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