Monday, February 14, 2000 — Valentine’s Day

OK, I haven’t udpated in a very long time, but that’s mainly because I’ve been fighting off a virus of the physical sort. It first attacked nine days ago, on the fifth, then returned last Wednesday. After taking it easy over the weekend, I’ve returned to relative health, except for an occasional cough.

Brennen’s weblog took some time to mention…weblogs. They’re basically like my diary entries, except that they’re heavier on collecting links and lighter on personal life commentary. Reminds me quite a bit of my sadly outdated Cool SF page (I just don’t check up on the SF world often enough to keep up the site). Brennen mentions a bunch of links that are worth checking out.

I’m hoping to release Informant as soon as I can get the documentation together; in other words, in a few days. Once that’s done, I’ve designed a BeOS virus checker that I’ll write up and post. There are no known virii for the BeOS yet, but we might as well have a line of defence set up before any virii rear their ugly heads.

I’ve bought a filing cabinet for my room, and have spent quite some time cleaning up. I might finally get my room organized in the next few days. What a thought.

I’m hoping to update Focus on BeOS soon, now that my nose is dry and my stomach not complaining.

And I’m giving blood today. Yippee.

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