Wednesday, February 16, 2000

Came across a very cool study of traffic patterns, where a regular guy studied traffic jams for about a year, and tried to find ways he could ease them or break them up. It’s written in a very straightforward style, and makes for some fascinating reading.

Heard of the 6-year-old genius? He’s in college now, and he has a great webpage about stopping age discrimination. Now, as soon as I can find the stupid link, I’ll post it here. :-/

I spent some time last night sketching. At my Dad’s suggestion, I took a pencil drawing of a house in England, and started copying it. It won’t look as good as the original (which was drawn by my Dad’s mother, incidentally), but it’ll be good practice.

I also started to put together the distribution package for Informant. I bought, and when that goes live, I’ll post Preview Release 1. That should give me a few days to put the package together.

I noticed something very interesting about Jake Lloyd recently. Check out Cool SF for more details.

And I wish I’d found this report on the most recent COMDEX earlier. It’s collapse-on-the-floor hysterical. Brought to you by, “Pixelated Paranoia-Plus!”, a website devoted to all the greatest crackpot conspiracy theories out there. Well worth reading; these guys have the acerbic with of an MST3K episode.

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