Tuesday, July 25, 2000

Two weeks since my last update. Yeeeeeesh.

The relatives left. We had a good time.

I’ve made some minor updates to the space opera diary.

I’ve been updating my About.com site. A little.

X-Men was a great movie. So was Gladiator and Fantasia 2000. Check out my reviews of same on Points of View.

I’m going to Otakon 2000, a major anime convention held in Baltimore, August 4–6. Should be a lot of fun. They’re doing a serial experiments: lain theme. They’ve even got Boa, the band that did the lain theme song (“Duvet”).

I’m still putting together my cel collection. I have a bunch that are currently being framed.

Been watching Tenchi Universe on Cartoon Network. Great to see this show on the air. And Pioneer has announced they’re gonna do a new Tenchi series, which is very cool.

Also, I finally bought a Sun keyboard and mouse, so I should be able to hook up my Sun workstations and see if they actually work. Grabbed ’em off eBay, so they’re coming in to my post office box. Should be able to swing by there on Wednesday (I’ve been working late and doing dump runs for the past couple of days).

And the website for that guy who draws like Yoshitoshi ABe? Turns out, that is the website for Yoshitoshi ABe (yes, he prefers to have his last name spelled “ABe”).

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