Wednesday, August 9, 2000

I just realized that I never summarized my TECspedition 2000 speaking thing. Basically, it went well; I gave a demo of the BeOS, using one of my own machines (“Tramp”), and a large TV monitor. Some folks asked questions. I got to meet Chris Heschong of, who hosts a bunch of BeOS-related websites. Cool stuff. My Dad came along, and drove both ways, which was a huge help.

We had a big 1.5 hour deparmental meeting yesterday, and found out that PERMS is going to have to perform better than last year, with an 11% reduction in budget. Neat.

I’ve gone through and cleaned up this whole site. Also note the new poll, if you’re looking at this page in a frame.

Oh, and I stumbled across a manga retelling of Revelations (as in, the book of, from the Bible). It’s only gone as far as the great earthquake, but what they have so far is an impressive 27 pages of images. It goes for a literal interpretation of the book, and manages to toss in some humor too (a few of the angels are oddly cheerful about pronouncing the heralds of doom).

I got my Sun keyboard and mouse today, and eagerly set everything up, only to realize that the Sun keyboard doesn’t have the right jack for the port in the back of the CPU. Arrrrg. I’m just gonna have to break down and ask for help on this one. There must be a Sun newsgroup somewhere.

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