Friday, September 15, 2000

Woah, it’s been way too long. Not a good sign when Brennen outpaces me (that was a joke, Bren!).

I’ve quit Litton/PRC and will be going to work at Intersect Software from now on. It’s a start-up that’s doing some cool enterprise-scale Java-based intranet software. I think I’m gonna have fun. I should be working on detailed development, as well as user interface design and documentation. And they pay well. :-)

I stumbled across Toonami: Digital Arsenal yesterday; it’s an archive of Toonami promos and sequences, including the fantastic Tenchi Muyo! promos (“He’s coming…”). It even has what is possibly the scariest video I’ve ever seen: the Saban Sailor Moon Promo. Be very afraid (and laugh your eyeballs out).

Meanwhile, I’m kinda annoyed at Right Stuf Anime — they made me call them to verify my shipping address. So my anime DVDs still haven’t arrived. I consoled myself by ordering the first DVD of Bubblegum Crisis 2040 from At least they were very nice on the phone, and were kind enough to modify my order after Saalon pointed out I already bought Gundam Wing Operation 2 at Otakon. And they had Sharon Apple (the virtuoid idol from Macross Plus) on their hold music, so that was cool.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading off to the Maryland Renaissance Festival with my parents, plus my sister and her family. Should be fun. I’ll probably costume up.

I’ve updated UFO Dreams, the first English-only NieA_7 shrine, with the lyrics to the ending theme (Venus and a Small God), as well as some other miscellany.

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