Thursday, October 19, 2000

Well, I’m up live over here at WebMages. I’m very pleased thus far. Now, I just have to wait for the DNS information to fully propagate across the internet.

As a result, the message board on UFO Dreams (my NieA Under 7 website) is back online. I’ll post all of the messages that were sent during its downtime in a day or two, hopefully (they were e-mailed to me, but never actually posted).

I ordered a Sony DCR-TRV900 digital camcorder today. Cool. Being shipped UPS ground to my home address (which is unusual for me; I like to have everything I order on the net sent to my P.O. box…but this is special). A very cool camcorder. And it should be BeOS compatible.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing some behind-the-scenes stuff to get a new Daemonsong Productions production made, namely, The Once And Future Man. The idea is to sell each chapter for USD $1 online, using the shareware principle — e.g., you don’t absolutely have to pay for it. Yeah, sounds crazy, but just wait’ll you see it working.

I’m going to be meeting with Karl this Sunday afternoon, which would be fun. He’s a good friend of mine who has moved to the midwest, working on automobile engine development. Cool stuff.

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