Friday, December 29, 2000

During lunch I went over to Suncoast and bought four anime DVDs: Princess Mononoke, the second volume of Trigun, and two DVDs as gifts for Saalon. Heck, it’s payday, and I can afford it. Though I certainly have lots of other anime that I should finish watching before moving on, but oh well.

Unfortunately, I then found out that Saalon bought me a Princess Mononoke DVD for Christmas, which is en-route. And I already opened my copy of Mononoke. Well, I told Saalon about it, and he suggested I return his copy when it arrives. That’ll work.

Still. What a generous, thoughtful gift. Wow.

I hear that the next Toonami show will be Outlaw Star. And here I thought it was going to be Trigun. Ah well. According to an Ex review, Outlaw Star‘s a pretty good show. Fair enough; I’ll see what it’s like when Toonami starts showing it.

I’ve been downloading more anime music videos from Aluminum Studios. I love “Try” and “Larger Than Life,” while so far, the others just don’t grab me much. “Dreams of Red” is very very nice, though. I’d like directly to download pages for these, but all of the pages on Aluminum Studios explicitly ask that people only link to the homepage. As much as I’m irked at the idea of only linking to “approved” pages, I’ll respect the request in this case.

Work is very very slow. A good two-thirds of the company is taking the week off, so it’s rather hard to interface with people. And it’s amazing how hard it is to push oneself to work hard when nobody’s watching or caring.

big blizzard is supposed to come in tonight. I must admit, the idea of being snowed in for a few days is highly appealing. I can just write and code, write and code….

Last night, I e-mailed the artist behind the online comic strip The ‘Any’ Key. I had a few suggestions on how he could improve his drawing style, which he was very open to.

It reminded me that I’ve always wanted to do cartooning (not necessarily be a cartoonist; I just want to be able to draw a cartoon), and indeed have practiced a bit of cartooning in the past. I really should spend some time practicing that, just occasionally. Maybe today or tonight, I’ll sit down with a pad and paper and work on drawing bodies (my current major weak spot).

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