Thursday, February 8, 2001

Yes! Project A-Ko OAV’s 2, 3, and 4 are coming out on DVD! They’ll all be published on one disc. This is, AFAIK, the first time that these OAV’s have ever been published in the U.S., and finally brings us the entire A-Ko franchise (up until now, only the original film and the final one, Project A-Ko vs., Battle Blue and Battle Grey have been dubbed and released over here).

I was considering not posting this here because it’s news of pretty limited appeal, but…heck, I don’t get that many readers, and most of them have watched Project A-Ko. Besides, this is news that interests me, and if I can’t post that here, what can I post?

got my big VHS order from Right Stuf anime today. Watched some of it, and I like it all thus far. Ayane’s High Kick is traditional anime, which is not a complaint. My Dear Marie is a wonderful little romance with the twin advantages of knowing when to chuck realism where appropriate, and gorgeous character designs by Kosuke Fujishima of Oh My Goddess fame. And Mighty Space Miners is an incredible find — a real hard SF action/adventure flick, for which I can’t really think of a similar American film.

Meanwhile, congrats to Saalon for finishing his final episode of the online fanfic show seaQuest: 2047. And it’s a fantastic script, I must add. I’d post an URL, but the episode’s not up yet.

I’ve also started working on an idea for a short animated film. It would be the first production that Otherspace Productions does, and I’m thinking about hiring Fred Gallagher of MegaTokyo to do the character designs. We’ll see; I want to talk it over with Saalon and Brennen first (they haven’t been online yet tonight; I’d call it some sort of record, except that I know Saalon’s at work, and Brennen’s probably in class or studying or doing something productive. Right, Bren?).

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