Monday, March 19, 2001

Wow. I have an eBay auction going for some old computer games (Quest for Glory I through III, specifically — great games, but I don’t see myself ever playing them again). Remind me to take down that link when it inevitably succumbs to rot. But anyway, it’s three old games. How much could I expect to sell them for?

The current bid is USD $20.50 already (less than two days into the week-long auction), and that’s with a $5 shipping charge extra. Wow. Maybe there really is some money to be made on eBay.

Meanwhile. I had a really good talk with my Mom a couple nights ago, where we talked about my mind. Specifically, I complained that I’ve noticed myself to be working at less than 100% efficiency for months now. I can’t think as quickly, or concentrate as fully, as I could a couple of years ago.

Worse, I haven’t been able to write well in a long time. I haven’t had any ideas for stories in years, and what I have written has been…OK, not terrible, but I’ve had very few moments of getting into “the groove.”

Why? My Mom pointed out that I have been working very hard lately, either at home or at work — I had to back off on a lot of my projects a couple of months ago, then things got really busy at work. Maybe my brain is exhausted, and needs some time to recover.

I think she’s right. In any event, I’m going to focus on less brain-draining activities for the time being. If that lasts for a really long time, I’ll start worrying, but maybe I need to let my brain recharge for awhile.

I’ve also been fiddling a bit with the layout on this page, specifically adding <BLOCKQUOTE> tags before and after each diary entry. I think it helps break up entries nicely.

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