Saturday, March 17, 2001 — St. Patrick’s Day

If I feel like it, I may flesh this out into a full-scale retelling of events, but for now I’ll record that I rushed in to Alexandria this morning to take part in “Coffee and Classics,”bi-weekly Christian book discussion. Myself and three others discussed the first ten chapters of Spurgeon’s All of Grace, which addresses many facets of salvation and faith.

(I also mentioned some religious discussions I’ve been having with a friend, and was pointed to Letters from a Skeptic, in which a solid atheist argues religion with his son via snailmail. Very interesting.)

I then wandered around the many shops in Alexandria, ultimately splurging and buying an honest-to-goodness pocketwatch. I’ve wanted one for a long time, and as I was leaving a jewelry store, glanced down and saw several on display. I’m having it monogramed, so it won’t be ready until next week, but meanwhile I’m excited at the purchase.

After returning home in the horrendous traffic (why is traffic so thick on Saturdays all of a sudden?), I wanted to do some more prep in the garden, but a short spring rain had muddied it to the point where that wasn’t particularly appealing. So, I got a few mundane things done and left it at that.

Some interesting things are in the works for Daemonsong and Points of View, though I really shouldn’t reveal what yet. More info to come.

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