Thursday, April 12, 2001

Don’t know how long it’ll stay up, but there’s a job opening advertised at HeadHunter for anyone with…above-average powers. Very cute.

And now I realize that I should really skim back through my past diary entries and clean out any dead links. Now that’ll be a job; this diary is already two and a half years old.

Lessee. I watched Digimon: The Movie last night. It was…OK, with a few good moments. Unfortunately, the narrative was really broken up oddly, such that most of the movie was spent telling the backstory to the main event. And there were some really interesting things in there, under the surface, but they never really went anywhere. It’s sad. But I did enjoy myself; the character interactions were verywell-done (as usual), they stuck to their infamousoff-beat humor, and there were some pretty darn cool fight sequences.

But it’s annoying. Digimon was always strongest in character development and character interaction, and they could have made a movie about that. With fight sequences, sure, but…I mean, they already had a plot where they could insert fights around a character-driven story. The fight scenes could still be cool, but they could also be part of a larger, more impressive movie (like Tenchi Forever or Akira or The Road Warrior). :sigh:

Heck. Read my review of Digimon: The Movie (now defunct) at Points of View.

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