Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Ugh. Just lost today’s diary entry, as the domain name was shuffled around. I’m glad it was, for reasons I’ll explain in the next paragraph, but it is annoying. Let’s see if I can reconstruct it, here….

The sysadmin who runs the server that this domain sits on e-mailed me the other day, letting me know that,, and are using about 1 GB of bandwidth per day. Ouch.

It seems to be mostly the fault of two anime music videos I’m hosting, one of which is 70 MB and the other is 40 MB. While those don’t seem horribly large to me, imagine 50 hits each on those files. That’s about what I’ve gotten, over the past few days.

This leaves me with an interesting dilemma. These music videos won’t last forever. Should I leave them up, and upgrade to an account with more bandwidth? Or should I just ride the wave? I’ve e-mailed the maker of the videos, to see if he can at least find some mirrors, so for now I’m waiting to see what comes out of that.

What else. is up and running again, and Light, does it have a lot of videos. Massive site.

I also re-ran across Supermegatopia, a site that archives the vast city of Supermegatopia, Kiwi Capital of the World. A city best known for its eclectic superhero population, particularly Weasel Boy, and such great coalitions as the Men-Men and the Offenders. Seriously, this site manages to spoof comic books without being asinine. Watch out for the fairly rampant nudity, though.

Otherwise, I’m feeling sick. The super-high pollen count has given me the sore throat to end all sore throats, and I’ve had…uhhh…the runs, I believe it’s called.

But tonight’s music practicing night. And maybe I can sketch something. Or write. Or something.

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