Friday, May 4, 2001

I think I’ve figured out Keenspace. It’s unbearably slow during the morning hours (Eastern time), but seems OK later on. So, if I simply avoid Keenspace comics until lunchtime, I can cruise my comics with a nice, speedy connection.

I couldn’t get online this morning, so I called Frontline when I got in to work. Turns out a server was down, but they’re working on it.

Surprisingly, the experience with Frontline was a highly pleasant one. They have a complete automated account system on their website; I entered my login name and password, and immediately accessed my past invoices, account information, and everything else I could ask for. The phone conversation was with a cheerful lady who answered all my questions and resolved some billing questions immediately. I wish all such phone calls could go as smoothly.

Spent some pleasant time today cruising Web Site #9, an archive of online “MiSTings,” in which volunteers make fun of bad writing in the same way that the crew of Mystery Science Theater 3000 made fun of cheesy movies. I’ve added a link to it.

I also went to a cardiologist for a check-up on my heart. I have a mitral valve prolapse, which just means that one of the valves going to my heart has a slightly higher risk of closing up than the others. He gave me a clean bill of health, though, so I’m pleased.

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