Saturday, May 26, 2001

Great. Judging from the wheezing sounds, Lady’s power supply needs to be replaced. The poor thing’s stuck into a little space underneath my computer desk, and it’s got to be hot and poorly-ventilated under there. Lemme check its internal temperature…hmmm, only 75.8 degrees Farenheit. Not too bad.

Anyway, I dropped off my submission packet for “Anime Explained” at the post office before Coffee and Classics (everything in that manila envelope was rather heavy, so I needed to have it weighed for exact postage). I had a good time with Suzie, going over the first 30 pages of The Pilgrim’s Progress. Chris didn’t show up; I guess he forgot.

I got home and did nothing of consequence before heading off to a wedding. Jeff and Laurie had the perfect “small” wedding. At least 150 people attended, but it felt cozy.

The reception was at a local hotel. The food was excellent, as was the company; a number of people from work were there, so I spent much of the night chatting with them. My parents stayed on longer than I would’ve liked, though; we didn’t leave until 11:00.

Writing Thoughts


I submitted “Anime Explained” to Parents magazine this morning. Whew. For some reason, that feels like a momentous occasion to me. “Real” writers do this literally every day (or at least every week). Heh.

So, what next? Probably that short story I’m working on. Modern-day, set in this little seaside community named Outlook-on-Cove.

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