Wednesday, May 16, 2001

So, here it is, Wednesday. I’ve been having trouble going to sleep lately, so I feel a bit like a zombie. I’ll apologize in advance for anything weird in this entry.

I had trouble drawing last night. I’m trying to draw twelve consecutive female figures from a couple of fashion magazines that I have, to improve my skill at drawing the human body. Last night’s attempt just didn’t come out right. It wasn’t bad; it was just seriously misshapen; her torso was way too small. I don’t think it can count as one of the twelve drawings, since I can’t bring myself to finish it.

Saalon and I had a long talk about Daemonsong Productions. We’ve decided to drop “The Once and Future Man,” and put Daemonsong on a back burner. We’ll focus on Points of View and Saalon’s new short film “leet”. I committed to write one column per week for POV, as well as any reviews I can come up with.

This is a good thing, I think. We had originally wanted to make a huge media empire out of DSP, which is something that we honestly can’t do. Now we can focus on just a few things.

I also outlined my vision for Otherspace Productions: While I plan to continue work on Wine, I’m going to spend more time working on ideas for a short-short film, a couple of minutes long, that will serve as a try-out of the whole distributed studio concept.

[Image of PolyKarbon]

Here’s the idea for the short-short: imagine a girl not unlike PolyKarbon (see her on the right), fighting her way through a sort of post-apocalyptic Ringworld-esque abandoned city, in search of…something. Lots of cool action sequences, with a bit of a plot thrown in.

We got started talking about all this when I spilled the beans about the comic book I want to draw, once my art skills have solidified. Rather than explain the comic book idea in detail here, I’ll point you to the chat log.

When I returned home, I was pleased to see that my order from Right Stuf had (partially) arrived; Bubblegum Crisis 2040 DVD 3 is now mine, as well a VHS tape of Slayers. The rest of the order is Yoshitoshi ABe’s new artbook “Essence,” which is backordered. :sigh:

Writing Thoughts


Did some work on Wine tonight, writing the beginning of one long climactic scene in epsiode 3. It came out well, but it was tough going. Once I’d written 500 words I stopped, even though I’d really just begun the scene. Couldn’t face writing any more of it, though, and I have enough going on that I’m content to only write the minimum amount for tonight.

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