Sunday, June 17, 2001

Forgive the bland taste of this entry; I went to sleep at 3:00 a.m. last night, and my writing skills are suffering.

After our late night at the party last night, we elected to stay home from church today. I did my devotions insted, which was a poor substitute. It was unquestionably worthwhile, though.

Saalon called, and we had a long conversation about all sorts of things. Then, as I did my chores, I worked out the backstory for some of the characters in Wine. In the evening, I had an IRC session with Saalon and Brennen where I explained my thoughts on the backstories.

[Alice cel]
The Alice cel that Saalon bought

My ideas were well-received, then Saalon dropped a bombshell: he’d just won a cel of Alice from serial experiments: lain on eBay. It ended up costing him $228.16, but man, what a cel. Just look at it.

I made my own cel purchase, though; two Mighty Space Miners cels (both of Ushiwaka, the main character), one cel of A-Ko from Project A-Ko, and a nifty cel of Garrod and Tiffa from After War: Gundam X, all from Anime Taro, a Japanese cel distributor. I’ll upload images once I find them.

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