Friday, July 20, 2001

I think I updated yesterday’s diary entry six separate times. Some days are like that; there’s so much to talk about and I feel like I have to record it before I forget.

I did manage to work on Calliope, adding a notification that’s sent between the Toolbox window and the Draft window when the user selects a widget to be added to the Draft window. Now I should start creating widget objects.

A leaf that I drew

I also practiced a new drawing skill. I went out into my garden, pulled up a weed, and tore off the leaves. I then placed the leaves on my desk and tried to sketch them. The delicacy of the leaves’ structure made an exact sketch difficult, but after drawing two poor specimens, I ended up with one drawing that I liked (see right). I used it to create a new title graphic for my gallery, too.

I’ve decided that I won’t try to meet up with Saalon during the filming of his short film leet. Otakon will give me enough stress for that weekend.

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