Friday, July 6, 2001

I’ll be flying up to meet with Saalon and LWQuestie tonight, provided that all goes well. The last time I attempted this, it didn’t exactly go well, but I can do no more than wait and hope that nothing goes wrong.

Meanwhile, work has been alternatively stressful and boring. I got a phone call from my boss this morning, informing me that context-sensitive help was not working in the current build. Since we’re planning to burn the current build to a CD to take it out to our first customer today, this was an important matter. I leaped into some clothes and drove directly to work, fixed the problem, then had nothing to do. I returned home to shave and grab some travel stuff, and later in the afternoon had another heart-stopping problem, which turned out to not be our problem.

Since then, I’ve had nothing to do at work. We’re basically just waiting around in case something goes wrong; meanwhile, we don’t have any firm requirements on our work for the next release. I feel sort of like the guy in a recent ad, who’s put on a treadmill that keeps jerking to a halt before coming back on at full speed.

Things aren’t all bad, though; my VHS tape of My Neighbor Totoro came in, along with both of the Macross Plus soundtrack CDs. I’m listening to the second soundtrack right now, which contains mostly music that was only played for a few moments, or not at all if I’m remembering properly.

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