Sunday, July 8, 2001

I had hoped to spend some time this weekend going over Wine with Saalon, but it didn’t happen. It was my fault for not mentiong it while I was there, and since I didn’t wake up until 10:00, after watching Armitage III we only really had time for a meal before Saalon and LWQ dropped me off at Logan Airport.

It turns out we could have taken our time. A small plane had crashed on a runway at Logan earlier in the day, causing an hour-and-a-half closing of the airport and a two-hour delay of my flight (but, fortunately, no casualties or serious injuries). And my spirits were lifted immeasurably by a definite feeling that I was getting sick.

So, I got to sit in an airport for two and a half hours, and in a plane for an hour and a half, nauseous as an overstuffed Klump, my throat sore and my skin prickling with hot flashes. Fun.

arrived at Dulles around 7:00 and wormed my way to my truck. After calling home to affirm that I had, indeed, made it, I drove home. The relief I felt as I drove into the garage was immeasurable. My parents met me there and helped me get into the house and into bed.

And that was about all that I can think of that happened.

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