Friday, August 10, 2001

Heh. I have no idea what “Otakudom” is, but I love the poster. The written comment under “@$$hole” is “No, he’s just MISUNDERSTOOD.”

Otakon started today. You can check out today’s con entry for a complete description of that experience.

The putt-putt golf thing at work was a blast. People really started getting involved in the construction of their hole, and a lot of people came up with great designs. We had fun playing the course, too.

I want to relate the story of the smoking restaurant, and the emergency crews in front of our office building (it wasn’t safe to park our cars near the building, but we ourselves could go inside it), but I’m too tired. I’ll write the story later, maybe tomorrow. I’m not going in to Otakon until later in the day, so I may have time.

Hmmm. Looking at my current poll, it seems that somebody’s discovered ballot-stuffing.

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