Friday, August 17, 2001

I finally had Road Runner cable modem access installed at home today. Surprisingly, the installation went as smoothly as could be expected, though the technician could only install it on Tramp. He also insisted that we could only use Internet Explorer and Outlook Express with the Road Runner installation. No other application on the planet would be compatible.

Sure, uh-huh. Right now I’m using the cable modem to ssh in to my account, and I’ve used ICQ and mIRC with no problems.

Broadband is wonderful. I can’t find the words to describe my reaction; I knew it would be fast, and I knew I’d like it. All of that head knowledge did nothing to change my experience, though, which is fantastically fun.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to a computer store to buy a router, so we can share this internet connection across the LAN. That way, I can surf the net from BeOS and AtheOS. Woohoo!

While in Suncoast looking for the first NieA DVD (which they didn’t have, the commies), I found that the first DVD of Oh My Goddess! has been released, so I nabbed it. While I haven’t watched it yet, the packaging is nothing short of fantastic: two cardboard inserts contain the lyrics for the music (in Japanese and English), and extensive notes on translation from Japanese to English, particularly the issues they ran into with this particular series. This is how anime should be distributed.

Meanwhile, I won an award at work for best hole in our putt-putt tournament. Each person in our cube got $10 of gift certificates to Regal Cinemas. Heh, and I figured people would go crazy with designs much more complicated than ours.

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