Wednesday, August 22, 2001

I did not write a diary entry yesterday, because here’s what I did yesterday:

  • Went to work
  • Came home from work
  • Mowed the lawn
  • Went to bed

Yep, I went to bed at 8:45 p.m. last night. I’ve been staying up late far too often recently, so it was time for me to recharge. I woke up around 6:30 a.m. this morning; I’d rather have slept through to 8:00 or so, but I got ten hours of sleep as it is. So, I can’t complain.

I’ve spent much of my life doing whatever I felt like doing at the time. That doesn’t mean I make no plans nor that I throw caution to the wind; I’m talking about walking into my room after work, and setting my little black briefcase on the floor. What do I do next? Usually, it’s whatever I feel like doing at that moment.

I’m beginning to realize that I can control my actions, even at that level. I can decide to do something else, and do it, and it’s not painful. I can feel fulfilled and satisfied and even enjoy myself if I take old books down to the basement instead of hopping onto IRC.

In AtheOS news, there’s a new web-based AtheOS bulletin board. It’s seeing daily activity, which is pretty busy, all things considered. Nice to see the community grow in new directions.

And there’s a new poll up. Here are the results of the last one, in which somebody discovered ballot-stuffing, apparently:

Which of the following musical genres would you most like to wipe off the face of the Earth?
Blues (0%)
Country music (81%)
Hardcore techno (1%)
Manufactured teen idol music (8%)
Rap (1%)

…And just for the record, here’s something I still chuckle at, from an ICQ conversation tonight:

<Brent> So, how was German?
<Brennen> Um. Interesting. I’d failed to note the Annoying Fat Kid the first time ’round, but his presence is definitely going to impact my enjoyment of the class.
<Brent> Ewwww. Is this the Annoying Fat Kid of the vocal, whiny variety?
<Brennen> Bingo.
<Brent> Ah, fantastic. We had one of those during the main Anime Music Video screening during Otakon. And…ugh. There’s just no way of getting around that.
<Brennen> Short of waylaying him outside of the classroom and beating him into docile silence…
<Brent> Ahhh, for an X-Men world.
<Brennen> *evil grin*

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