Monday, September 10, 2001

I’ve never identified with those who watch the same movie multiple times. I read weblogs and articles in which people mention having just re-watched Godzilla vs. Mothra for the fifth time, and I just don’t understand the mentality behind that. I’ve always figured that there are so many films worth experiencing out there, that any time I spent re-watching a film I’ve alreay seen is time I could be spending with a new movie.

So, tonight was quite unusual for me: I watched Mr. Jealousy for the third time. Mr. Jealousy is a little indpendent romantic comedy that I stumbled across a few years ago on a pay movie channel, back when we had movie channels on our cable plan. I fell in love with the surprisingly tight plot and the intelligence of the whole experience; both the script and the performances feel multi-layered.

I watched it tonight because I’d bought the DVD a few months ago, and have been meaning ever since then to sit down and try it out. This is one of those inexpensively-produced DVDs made for a film that saw very limited release, so I was curious to see what it would be like. It’s certainly a spartan disc; there’s no menu, so all you can do is skip from chapter to chapter. However, the quality of the video is high, so it’s still worth the extra five bucks compared to the VHS tape (which doesn’t even have chapter stops).

[Cowboy Bebop image]

I came home early from work today, thanks to an upset stomach, and spent most of the night chatting with my Mom about a whole gamut of issues, from Andy Couch to the role of emotions in our everyday life (we come from a religious background that considers emotions to be generally undesirable) to the interchangability of light corn syrup and King Syrup in candy recipes.

Then we watched Mr. Jealousy, and then I worked a bit on Calliope and chatted with Brennen before heading off to bed. Brennen caught episodes three and four of Cowboy Bebop last night, and I was thrilled to discover that he enjoyed them quite a bit. Another fan of quality anime. And episode five is “Ballad of Fallen Angels,” so he can to look forward to experiencing that next Sunday.

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