Saturday, September 22, 2001

Those who read this in the future won’t quite understand this, but I haven’t posted anything to this site in a week and a half. It doesn’t look that way, because I’ve been posting diary entries for past days today, and I’ve caught up as well as I can. So, future generations will think that I’ve been writing diary entries like normal. Except they won’t, because of this diary entry. Oh well.

After my weekly trip to the bank to store my backup tape in a safe deposit box, I drove to the dump with a load of old junk. We had quite a collection of junk: four decades-old bikes, rusted and long broken; busted-up pieces of particle board; lengths of chicken wire a foot wide; rusty barbed wire wrapped around a stick; bags of diatemaceous earth for our old pool filter. It was oddly satisfying to throw them all onto a big heap of ragged drywall and skeletons of furniture.

I then began assembling a weekly schedule, based off the book I bought yesterday. I’ve come up with a pretty sensible schedule, I think, and just that process has shown me ways of improving my quality of life.

For example, I want to create animation, and I want to be a writer. I’ve set aside time to watch anime and to read, since I need to do both of those things to progress as a writer and animation creator. And I know I’ll have fun doing it.

I then ran to Intersect to finish some work and print it off in time for a review on Monday, then came home and played games with my parents before working on this very diary entry.

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