Thursday, September 6, 2001

OK, see, I’m writing this diary entry on Friday, even though this is the diary entry for Thursday. The reason I’m writing it on Friday is because I always write diary entries during the day, so if I write a diary entry for the day I’m writing it, I haven’t experienced most of what goes on during the day, and I end up spending most of my diary entries describing what happened the day before.

Now I know why I always wrote that way: I can’t remember what happened today. Err, yesterday. Thursday. It’s now Friday afternoon (when I’m writing this), and my mind completely refuses to tell me what I did yesterday. Today. Thursday.

I do know that I went home from work early today (Thursday). The rest of the documentation team is on vacation, so I can work un-interrupted, which makes me vastly more productive than usual.

Side note: Everybody that I’ve told this to nods sagely and murmurs something like “Ahhh, yes.” They agree completely and instantly that a person is much more productive when there are fewer interruptions around. And yet people think that “open office spaces” with low cubicles — or no walls at all — have no negative impact on productivity.

So, I came home early, and called Pat at McLean Bible Church about our Redemption gaming sessions on Saturday mornings. Since we’ve had very little response on that end — probably due to soccer games and play dates — we won’t hold any more of those meetings, but will get together with some church folks to organize something in the evenings. So, that’ll be good; Redemption’s a fun game.

I also called Max, the character designer for Wine, and suggested some changes to the main character’s hairstyle. It is amazing how many little details go in to a character design. Hair, height, eye color, facial composition, attitude…every single attribute has to be considered.

I then spent much of the rest of the night watching The Screen Savers and an interview with Microsoft‘s Steve Ballmer (who struck me as a surprisingly savvy man…it looks like his well-known energy is partly an act).

I then got to work on some ideas for a short animation, one which I can use to test out the whole animation process in preparation for Wine, and which I can later point to as a significant milestone for Otherspace Productions. I’m thinking of doing a spoof of magical girl anime shows; we’ll see how the script shapes up.

And that was about everything that happened yesterday. Err, today. Thursday.

Screw this.

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