Thursday, September 6, 2001

Sep 06 2001

OK, see, I’m writing this diary entry on Friday, even though this is the diary entry for Thursday. The reason I’m writing it on Friday is because I always write diary entries during the day, so if I write a diary entry for the day I’m writing it, I haven’t experienced most of what goes on during the day, and I end up spending most of my diary entries describing what happened the day before.

Now I know why I always wrote that way: I can’t remember what happened today. Err, yesterday. Thursday. It’s now Friday afternoon (when I’m writing this), and my mind completely refuses to tell me what I did yesterday. Today. Thursday.

I do know that I went home from work early today (Thursday). The rest of the documentation team is on vacation, so I can work un-interrupted, which makes me vastly more productive than usual.

Side note: Everybody that I’ve told this to nods sagely and murmurs something like “Ahhh, yes.” They agree completely and instantly that a person is much more productive when there are fewer interruptions around. And yet people think that “open office spaces” with low cubicles — or no walls at all — have no negative impact on productivity.

So, I came home early, and called Pat at McLean Bible Church about our Redemption gaming sessions on Saturday mornings. Since we’ve had very little response on that end — probably due to soccer games and play dates — we won’t hold any more of those meetings, but will get together with some church folks to organize something in the evenings. So, that’ll be good; Redemption’s a fun game.

I also called Max, the character designer for Wine, and suggested some changes to the main character’s hairstyle. It is amazing how many little details go in to a character design. Hair, height, eye color, facial composition, attitude…every single attribute has to be considered.

I then spent much of the rest of the night watching The Screen Savers and an interview with Microsoft‘s Steve Ballmer (who struck me as a surprisingly savvy man…it looks like his well-known energy is partly an act).

I then got to work on some ideas for a short animation, one which I can use to test out the whole animation process in preparation for Wine, and which I can later point to as a significant milestone for Otherspace Productions. I’m thinking of doing a spoof of magical girl anime shows; we’ll see how the script shapes up.

And that was about everything that happened yesterday. Err, today. Thursday.

Screw this.

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