Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Well, this should be interesting. My parents finished redecorating our den, which now has a new floor and ceiling, the old panelling has been removed and the walls painted, etc. The den also serves as our TV/media room, and I think I’ve convinced my Mom to go out tonight and buy a widescreen flatscreen TV from one of those warehouse grocery stores. I volunteered to pay for a high-quality sound system, if they’d get the TV. So, we may have a drool-inducing media room soon.

Meeeeeanwhile…work goes well. I have lots to do, and I’m doing it. More importantly, I feel enthusiastic about my job and the work that I have to do, which makes work so much more fun. It’s not that much fun, though, so I still have to push myself to really work.

missed Men’s Academy this morning. Again. I swear that my alarm clock fast-forwarded by about half an hour, though; I couldn’t possibly have hit Snooze that many times. Oh well. I pulled a good night’s sleep out of the deal (nine hours, though an interrupted nine hours), which may explain my enthusiasm.

[Wine character design]

Wine pre-production continues apace; Saalon is now working on a treatment, and I got some character designs from Max yesterday, and he’s now moving forward with some of the other characters. I haven’t heard from Merekat in awhile, so now I’m worried that she’s not going to be available to work on the mechanical designs.

This has been a common problem: I contact somebody about doing artistic work for Wine, they agree to work, then I never hear from them again. And it’s not like “talks break down;” they agree to do the work. Then they never answer any of my e-mails. Weird. Am I that offensive?

I should also note that I’ve updated my Random Poetry Generator (now defunct). You ever get the feeling that a lot of modern “free” verse is just way too simplistic? Heck, even a computer can do it.

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