Monday, December 10, 2001

[Garden at night]

There is a dangerous, prolific viewpoint in modern culture. Its message lies in the deceptively comforting words of acceptance: You are who you are. You experience these strong urges, but who can blame you? You’re only human. If you give in, we understand. You are who you are.


We can see that humans are among the most adaptable creatures in existence. We can live in the freezing wastes of the Arctic, in disease-sodden jungles, on burning desert sands and on treacherous rolling waters. Not only that, we can thrive.

But we’re at the mercy of our genes? If we get a cheap thrill out of a busty centerfold with a plastic smile, we might as well give up and give in? If we’re abrasive around others, well, that’s just the way we are? If we eat Twinkies all day and gain 400 pounds, then that’s OK dearie, we know how you feel? That’s just how we’re born, and there’s nothing we can do about it?


We can change. We can become the men and women that we admire. We can kill thought patterns and create new ones, with time, determination, and the grace of God. (Assistance from others helps, too.) We’ve been doing this for millenia. To suggest that we should simply accept our vices, that there’s nothing we can do about it?


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