Sunday, December 16, 2001

I’ve had a very busy weekend.

On Saturday, I ran errands in the morning, returning home with bags of bird seed, backup tapes, and speaker wire. An hour later my nieces arrived, and my parents and I spent the afternoon entertaining them (they’re one, three, and five years old, so we have an adventure doing so). We sat them down in front of My Neighbor Totoro, and it enraptured all three of them. Very satisfying. We hope to show them Kiki’s Delivery Service next time.

Then, we went to a Christmas concert, which lasted until nine o’clock, and stopped by at a friend’s house for coffee and dessert afterwards. We stayed up until one in the morning preparing for today.

Because today, we hosted thirty-guest Christmas bruch. Mom prepared enough food to fill several bakeries, and we entertained our friends with fresh eggnog, warm donuts covered in powdered sugar, caramel apple bread pudding, lightly browned Belgian waffles, golden brown french toast, spiced sausages sizzling on the range, a tall lemon pound cake, and rich chocolate truffles. We have plenty of leftovers, I’m thrilled to report.

After the last guest wandered out to their car, I helped to clean up before heading out to AWANA. I had a great time there, as always, then came home and practically collapsed in the living room. I gathered the energy to pay my bills — for days, they’ve been frowning at me from their place on the desk — and now find myself stifling yawns as I tap carefully at this keyboard.

But before I save this entry and pull back the sheets on the bed, I must record a few more events here.

First off, congratulations to Saalon on completing his edit of The Nutcracker for the Dance Studio of Braintree. I’ve seen the intro to the video, and I simply love to watch it. I look forward to re-watching it many times.

Much like this video, though for completely different reasons. That is a link to a real, professional music video, and despite the word “hardcore” in the URL, it’s not porn.

Also, I must mention that I’m re-scheduling Wine. I’ll have more to say later this week, probably. For now, I’ll explain that I want to change my priorities, so that Wine will become a lower priority to an animated project that I feel is more important. I have nothing to say about the new, more important project, because I’ve decided very little about it.

And now, I’m going to go to bed.

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