February 5, 2002

I performed an experiment tonight. I tried to draw a series of sketches, which I would assemble as an animation. Below is a transcript of my experience, and I’ve posted the finished animation.

8:41 p.m. — Begin drawing the first sketch.
9:08 p.m. — Finish the fifth sketch. I now have five drawings of a cup, in various positions, rotated about 170 degrees.
9:15 p.m. — Attempt to scan the first drawing, which is still within the sketchbook. I have to put each page individually into the scanner (otherwise, the page behind will show through). Unfortunately, doing this means that the drawings are squashed over on one side of the scanner. Arg.
9:20 p.m. — Number each page using standard cel numbering system. Cool; each page has “A1,” “A2,” etc. Looks very professional. I tear the pages out of the sketchbook.
9:23 p.m. — Begin scanning first drawing.
9:37 p.m. — Scan the final drawing. No real problems. It’s really neat to look at the scans and see the sketch number in the upper-right corner of the window (though that’s completely outside of the final scanning area, of course). Transfer images from scanning computer to image manipulation computer.
9:39 p.m. — Fix slight cropping problem in fifth drawing.
9:40 p.m. — Load images into Anime (a GIF animation program). Fiddle with the settings.
9:43 p.m. — Save the animation as a GIF. Wow. That was quick.
9:44 p.m. — Carefully create a thumbnail image for the animation.
9:50 p.m. — Finish intricately hand-editing the thumbnail image (sheesh, I have better things to do). Upload animation and thumbnail to gallery website.
10:08 p.m. — Post this entry to my online journal.

Exciting, wasn’t it?

Haven’t written much on this journal lately, though that’s hardly surprising. I’ve been busy.

What have I been busy with? Oh, the mundane duties of modern life: chores, catching up with friends, errands to the bank and the grocery store. I suspect that there may be stories to tell buried somewhere in those common activities, but I have more important things to do than dig for them.

I’m working on Quiet, and in fact have written about half of the material that I’ve planned to write. Saalon graciously reviewed my work thus far, and his kind commentary has bolstered my confidence. I’m ready to continue. About twenty pages to go.

I still have not found a new job yet, though I haven’t been concentrating on that lately. I do plan to look in on my comrades at PRC tomorrow, and let them know that I’d be interested in returning. Perhaps that will bear some fruit.

There’s new anime music to download, and a new poll. Here are the results of the last poll:

How many times have you been laid off from a job?
Never (54%)
Once (27%)
2 to 3 times (18%)
4 to 6 times (0%)
7 or more times (0%)

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