Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Well, Saalon, it looks like you owe me a meal.

You see, we made a deal awhile back. We decided that whoever got published first, would take the other one out to dinner.

I just got a confirmation from Protoculture Addicts that they’re going to publish my article on anime cel collecting. It should appear somewhere around issue #73 (late summer or autumn of this year). Pardon me for a moment…


[Trigun disc 4 cover art]

In other news, I watched some anime today. The second Boogiepop Phantom disc is just as intriguing as the first, though I’m not much closer to figuring it all out. I understand that the next volume will contain some of the best episodes in the series, though, so that’s appealing.

I also watched disc four of Trigun, which continues to be enjoyable and challenging. Vash is a tragic hero of almost Shakespearean stature and depth.

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