March 11, 2002

Well, though I worked a bit more on Quiet, I didn’t erally do anything else today. I didn’t have the energy; this illness seems to be draining my energy quite a bit more than I’d expected.

[Keeko, a cat]

Keeko, our cat, being cuddly

And now, I’m working on a drawing exercise: I’m trying to draw three human torsos, every night this week. Tonight’s torsos are turning out terribly poorly. It’s discouraging.

We all want to be the exception, I think. When we try something new, we want to be that one exceptional person who can do it all, who’s figured it out. We try to fool ourselves into thinking that we’re going to be…well, Tomoe Midou, though I don’t expect you all to understand that reference (it’s to Battle Athletes Victory, an anime TV show about organized sports).

But, inevitably, it’s not that easy. We’re a rank novice, and we have to learn all those things that all the other novices have learned. Oh, some things may come a little easier for us, but it’s never the red carpet we think it’ll be.

And that’s fine. We shouldn’t expect to be Tomoe Midou. There’s no shame in being a novice. It’s just not what we expect.

“Ah, what fools these mortals be.”

Though I’d planned to write for most of this morning, my garden wanted attention, so I took care of a bunch of little chores out there. I did manage to write another scene of Murmur‘s screenplay, though.

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