March 3, 2002

And now Saalon’s reminded me of a story series I tried to write awhile back but never moved forward with. It was to be a continuing story about a group of…well, imagine Cowboy Bebop set in a fairly cheery post-apocalyptic world, where people are rebuilding a very quirky society out of the odd remnants of the old. A series with bounty hunters, weird adventures, a lot of humor, and all that sort of stuff.

I’m re-enamored by this idea. Maybe I’ll try to make something out of it. I could probably pull a story together now.

Saalon pointed me to this site, which is evidently the future home of “Dreadnaught [sic] seaFury”, a seaQuest fanfic show.

And, honestly, I’m intrigued to find out exactly what is driving the creators to make this show. Fanfic shows like seaQuest 2047 require a lot of effort, but don’t give the writers the freedom to create their own world. So, the forces that drive people to create this sort of show tend to be unique and interesting.

So, I sent this e-mail to the creators. We’ll see what happens.

Subject: Dreadnaught seaFury query
From: "Brent P. Newhall" <>
Date: Sun, 03 Mar 2002 23:07:46 EST

Hello there! I was recently referred to your website about "Dreadnaught seaFury." I've been involved in several webseries, and while I can't promise to help you out directly with seaFury, I'm very intrigued. Can you tell me more about the series? I gather it's seaQuest fanfic; can you expand on how you plan to exploit that mode of storytelling? Also, is the misspelling of "dreadnought" intentional?

I look forward to your reply.

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I released Juggler 1.1.0 today, which includes a few minor features and bug fixes.

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