Sunday, April 21, 2002

I hope you feel better, Erin!

I had a long, fruitful conversation with Saalon tonight, about my comic magazine idea.

I’m ammending my plan. I’d begin by courting existing artists, asking them to create original works, and I’ll concentrate on publishing shorter works — one- to three-issue stories, roughly. I’ll also publish existing online comics, but only a few of them.

Here’s why: I think that people will be more inclined to buy a magazine that contains episode 1 of 2, episode 2 of 3, etc. rather than a magazine containing episode 12 of 20, episode 5 of 9, episode 7 of 13, etc. People will also be more inclined to buy the past issues when there are only one or two to collect to fill out a particular story. And those issues will contain other stories, as well.

I’d concentrate on existing artists creating original works because people probably won’t be all that interested in paying $13 to get 15 pages’ worth of a comic that they’ve already read online. Some people will do it, sure, but I think that we’d get a very high rate of interest if an existing online comic artist published an original work and directed all of his/her fans to buy it. This would be something new, but made by a known good artist.

I think I’m going to start socking away money towards this soon. It’s a shame that I’m making so little money right now.

New poll. Here are the results of the last one:

How many hours per day do you spend on your home computer, on average?
Less than 1 hour
      [0%] (0%)
1–2 hours
      [9%] (9%)
3–5 hours
      [36%] (36%)
At least 5 hours per day
      [54%] (54%)

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